1.Temmuz.2022 Cuma

In order to protect and promote the company’s prestige which we have acquired hitherto in the sector we have been serving, the works will continue to be fulfilled on time in accordance with the needs and the expectations of the customers without compromising quality.

So as to increase the level of our quality and productivity, the developments in science and technology will be followed for our employees to receive the related trainings from the company. Thus, the continuity of our quality level will be provided. Importance will be given to teamwork to provide quality, productivity and profitability. In respect of this, enterprises will be encouraged. Contractor firms’ participation in the teamwork will be provided under supervision.

There will be exact obedience to the occupational safety and health regulations in our all construction sites and our employees’ compliance will be supervised. Environmental consciousness will be increased by taking the necessary measures that minimize the possible harmful effects on the environment at all stages of the work process.

The continuous development in the efficiency of the quality management system which we established in our company will be provided by our employees’ participation.

President of the Board of Directors
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